The Flight Path

Comprehensive Coaching Program

The Soul Flight coaching program incorporates the life-changing process DeAnna went through before training to become a Mindset Coach. Formerly known as Mindset For Success, the process is now known as The Divine Intelligence Process, created by Dr. Jayne Gardner, MCC, LPC, an emerging New Thought Leader specializing in Spiritual Psychology. She is the founder of The Divine Intelligence Institute™ (formerly The Gardner Institute™) and author of Divine Intelligence: A Scientific Process for Awakening the Creator Within.

Phase 1 is the only module that may be taken as a stand-alone program. Stage 2 and 3 are contingent on the prerequisite.

Phase 1 — First Lose Yourself

The first step in the journey. You must first discover who you are not by dropping external labels and conditioning to find out who you truly are. This module offers greater insight into how and why you uniquely view the world and why this knowledge is crucial in discovering which behaviors support who you are meant to be and which behaviors have been hard-wired from an external source. You will learn to feel what it is like to be connected to your greatest power; the truest you we often hear resides in the heart. This module incorporates philosophy from the ancient practice of Yoga and Ayurveda and modern-day psychology and neuroscience.

Module Includes:

•   6 one-hour coaching sessions
•   Unlimited emails during set office hours
•   Discovery and exploration materials (“Finding your Blue Print)”
•   Self-care plan based on personal discovery details

Cost: $1500. The program duration is approximately 6 -8 weeks.
Add Vedic Astrology Report for an additional $300 (save $50 off regular price)

Phase 2 — Lean Into the Head & Heart Shift

This is for those ready to take the brave road to uncover the “why” behind our brain’s tendency towards negative bias and limiting beliefs. After discovering who you are and understanding who you are not, you have the first tool to carry you through from the voice of your heart rather than allowing the stories and/or beliefs of the past to be in the driver’s seat. Our past experiences and the people in our lives can both support and stunt our progress. This module teaches you additional tools needed to rewrite your story and rewire your brain for long-term success. Must have completed Phase 1 before proceeding.

Module Includes:

•   3 55 minute coaching sessions monthly
•   Unlimited emails during set office hours
•   Discovery and exploration materials
•   Goal Setting with Continued self-care plan
•   Positive habits and beliefs plan

Cost:  $525 Monthly: Program duration is approximately 8 -12 weeks.

Phase 3 — Yes to Yourself

An individualized approach to continuing your journey in “Soul Flight”. Must have completed Phases 1 and 2.

Module Includes:

•   3 55 minute coaching sessions monthly
•   Unlimited emails during set office hours
•   Discovery and exploration materials
•   Continued self-care and positive habit-forming plan
•   Goal setting con’t and lifestyle execution

Cost: $525 Monthly Until Complete, approximately 8-12 weeks.

Monthly Maintenance Program

If you feel you still need a little more support along the way.


•   One hour of coaching per month
•   Unlimited emails during set office hours
•   Access to online membership resources
•   Discounts on online courses
•   Discount on Vedic Astrology yearly transit

Cost: $150 per month. Cancel anytime.

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Individual 90-minute coaching sessions are offered exclusively to returning clients.

Cost: $150 per session