FLY: First Lose Yourself.

To find anything, we must lose it first. In a world that tends to insist we be something we are not, we often unknowingly take on a persona to please others, leading to loss of a sense of self with added strain in our relationships. Learning to lose the external conditioning of the persona and re-discover the truth of who you are at your core is the key to empowerment and freedom. I use several wellness modalities to teach people to pinpoint their greatest strengths and values, drop their external and internal baggage and move towards “soul flight.”

Change Your Mind. Change Your Life.

I believe we all can create the life we want if we are honest about all the ways in which we hold ourselves back. The brain shift begins when we utilize our strengths, rather than focus on weaknesses that seem to whisper we can’t.

Our brains have neuroplasticity—the capacity to develop new neuronal connections. It’s possible to re-wire your brain by changing your thoughts from self-limiting to self-empowering. It’s never too late to mold your mind in such a way that you begin to build a life you deserve.

You can. Why not start now?

Practice Yoga From the Comfort of Home.


Regain Balance.
Overcome Obstacles.

Find solutions to your situation by first getting intimate with the intention of “I can.” Take this first step by feeling it with your entire being and being dedicated to the process, the wall slowly disappears. You will see stepping stones appear before you, each one leading you closer to your goal.

Time keeps moving forward. Where will you be a year from now? Will you be closer to the life you want, or stuck in the same place?

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