Hi! I’m DeAnna Shires.

I use several wellness modalities to teach people to drop their baggage and move towards “soul flight.”

Whether it’s through the help of neuroscience-based coaching, yoga tools, or a combination of both, learning to be the navigator of your life comes from the understanding you can train your brain to drive you where you need to be while hitting fewer bumps in the road. When you intimately befriend yourself, the rest follows. I want to help you get there!

Why? Because I’ve been there. I’ve been in the habit of clipping my wings to keep myself small, so as not to “disturb the peace.” When I learned these “coping skills” were actually holding me back from my life’s journey, everything changed. Today I spend my life feeling “big,” the way one should feel when connected to self. Our soul is meant to fly. It’s in this state of being our life becomes our own. Let’s FLY.

About DeAnna

Wellness Educator

Neuroscience-based Wellness Coach – NLP
Integrative Wellness Educator (Practitioner)

DeAnna Shires, M.Ed., ACC, C-IAYT, E-RYT 500 is a Yoga Therapist and Neuroscience-based Wellness Coach. With a passion for education, DeAnna’s love of learning and teaching was apparent early on, when she would often line her stuffed animals up for the lesson of the day.

DeAnna began her professional career as a Special Education teacher in 1999, finding yoga to be the main tool for work-life balance. Practicing yoga since 1993, the interweaving of the love of learning and yoga led her to begin teaching yoga in 2003. In 2004, her Breathe into Recovery Program was born, offering yoga tools for addiction and trauma. A natural innovator and thrill seeker, DeAnna opened her yoga studio in 2007, which she directed for seven years before passing the torch. That same year, DeAnna began training yoga teachers through her Breathe Into Awareness and Breathe into Recovery programs. DeAnna’s former training in special education, combined with Yoga and Ayurveda studies, inspired her to specialize in working with populations with various physical and emotional challenges. Most recently, in 2017, DeAnna began studying and teaching individuals with neurological conditions, including stroke and paralysis. DeAnna’s group class approach strives to create a welcoming environment, meeting each person where they are, from beginner to seasoned practitioner. Each person is encouraged to take agency over their practice, leaving them feeling successful and empowered.

In addition to yoga, DeAnna specializes in Wellness Coaching based on neuroscience, learning to re-wire the brain for long-term desired change. Since discovering this approach in 2014 during a major crisis in her life, DeAnna has developed a process interweaving neuroscience coaching and yoga-based studies for a unique approach tailored for each client’s optimal path towards success.

Let Go. Unlock Your Potential.

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