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Along with the Core Coaching standards set by The International Coach Federation (ICF), I have specialized training in Life Coaching based on neuroscience (Mindset for Success), literally re-wiring the brain for long term success. After years of combing the self-help isle and traditional therapy, this program was the jump start I needed that changed the course of my life. I am beyond excited to share it with others.

DS_ACC_TranspAdditionally, because of personal experience in these areas, I specialize in coaching HSPs (Highly Sensitive People), as well as offering business and life coaching for those in the healing or fitness profession (or any small business entrepreneur for that matter). It should be noted that business coaching often combines business consulting for branding purposes. Coaching and consulting are not the same thing, but can go hand in hand.

So what does a Life Coach do and why do you need one?

Life Coaches help people move forward by implementing personal and professional goals that move people towards the gardnerlogolife they desire. Just as the world’s greatest athletes, musicians, etc. hire coaches to perfect their skill, a life or business coach with proper training helps you pinpoint your greatest talents to set you on the path you envision.

A life coach is a partnership, as well as an accountability support system with one goal in mind: improving the quality of your life. In most cases, a life coach is required when a person is in a transitional phase and needs support for any number of reasons, such as:

Major Life Transitions (Job, Marriage, Divorce, etc)

Health & Wellness Plans & Goals

Work and Personal Life Balance

Making Difficult Decisions and Actions Plans

Stress Management & Improved Productivity

Relationship Harmony

Identifying Core Strengths for Maximized PotentialCoachingsmall

Feeling “Stuck” or Uninspired

General Lack of Control Over Life

Spiritual Development

Life coaching is not therapy, though they can be used at the same time. When I was in a major life transition, I used both coaching and therapy to navigate the rough waters. Though coaching does touch on emotion for powerful transformation, the primary focus is the goal at hand.

DeAnna can light a fire under your feet and help coach you on your personal journey through life.  DeAnna helped me uncover the confidence to succeed that I had buried inside my mind so many years ago.  This confidence has already
led me to lose twenty pounds, start making a career change… ~Laura
Read More of Laura’s Love Note


Life Coaching vs. Counseling



Works towards goals

Heals the past

Focuses on solution to the problem

Explores root of the problem

Works towards outcomes

Works towards emotions

Guides through asking

Instructs, gives advice

Explores “How can we change?”

Explores “Why should we change?”

The client has the answers – coach assists

The counselor has the answers

Personalized Plan

 Time Tested Treatment

Services Payment Policy: Time is energy and cash is a form of energy. The energetic exchange needs to be respected by both of us. Because my schedule is limited, I ask that services be pre-paid in order to hold the time slot chosen. This keeps us both accountable. Should you need to cancel, please do so 48 hours in advance and we will simply reschedule. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you!

To purchase any of the services below, click the button for the service you require. Payments are made through the PayPal account. You can pay by credit card or Paypal.

Once your payment is approved you’ll be taken to the schedule page where you simply choose a time, send that time to me using the form on the page and I will contact you within time to confirm your time.

Coaching-Clarity Session: $150 for a single 60 min session (Get “Unstuck” on something)

Coaching Monthly-Meet a Goal: $450 mos for three 60 min sessions Core Coaching, plus unlimited text/email (I encourage at least 3 mos).

Coaching-Complete Brain Overhaul (Not for wimps y’all): $450 mos For Coaching with the Neuroscience Program.  Three 75min sessions a week with unlimited text/emails for an average of 6-12mos.

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