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YogaTrainingTreesmallI am a Certified Hatha Yoga teacher with specializations in Yoga for Beginners, Prenatal Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Therapeutics, Ayurveda, and Yoga for Recovery and Emotional Healing. I hold credentials with Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT 500 and with The International Yoga Therapy Association as a C-IAYT. Training yoga teachers since 2007, my yoga school is recognized by Yoga Alliance at the 200 and 500 Hour level.

Since I began my personal yoga journey in 1993, I have been blessed to have studied with a plethora of inspiring teachers from around the world, most influential being:
Karen Prior, E-RYT 500 of N2Yoga for Hatha & Therapeutics

Dr. David Frawley (Pandit Vamadeva Shastri) in the areas of Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda

Anodea Judith for the Subtle Body/Chakra System, and Jill Kline for Reiki.

 I am honored to be joining Urban Vybe, directing the 300 Hour Advanced Training program and co-teaching the 200 with other talented and knowledgeable teachers.

For those looking to specialize in 12 Step Recovery & Trauma sensitive yoga, I offer training through my Breathe into Recovery program, developed in 2003.

Group Classes

*Group class registration is through the facility, not through my website.

Urban Vybe Flower Mound

T: 6:00pm- Yoga Fusion (Hatha,Yin, Restorative)

W: 5:30am- Hot Vinyasa

Sat: 8:45a- Slow & Deep Hatha

 Upcoming Teacher Training

200 Hour Training at Urban Vybe

300 Hour Advanced Training at Urban Vybe

Upcoming Workshops

Yoga Foundations Workshop

Location: Urban Vybe

Sundays 12:30-2:00p

January 14, 21, & 28th

Previous Workshops

Chakra Balancing Class

Date: May 20, 2017
Time: 3-5pm

Place: Urban Vybe, Flower Mound
Investment: $35 Members/ $40 Non-Members

In addition to the  physical body, we have a body of energy known as
the subtle body or  “Pranamaya Kosha”. The Chakras, while
non-physical, are part of this subtle body, providing vital energy
flow from their placement along the spine to the material body in
order to maintain optimal well being. While there are many chakras,
this workshop will focus on the main seven that may seem be placed
along the physical spine, however,  they run within the subtle central
channel known as the sushumna, through which prana, or life force, is
distributed to various regions of the body.

The state of our subtle body affects the physical body. Martha Graham
said, ”The body never lies.” When the subtle body is not operating at
it’s best, often we begin to experience symptoms in the physical body,
alerting us something is “off”. Because the the subtle body aids in
forming the physical body, it is important to keep these energy
centers flowing.  An increased awareness of the subtle body brings
deeper awareness to the effects of our thoughts and actions in our
physical body, as well as our daily lives.

With a complete yoga practice, we connect more deeply with the manner in which we think, feel, and behave within our individual world.  In this workshop, we will explore the relationship between yoga asanas (or postures) and the chakras.

This workshop will be divided into 3 parts: 40 minutes of lecture
regarding the chakra system, followed by a 60-minute Vinyasa practice,
ending with 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra including chakra visualization.


The Psychology of a Yoga Practice: How our Inner World Determines our Outer World  KundaliniCHakras-Original

Date: June 10th-14th, 2017



Open to ALL, 12 CEUs available for Teachers

Location: Urban Vybe, Flower Mound, Texas


Join us for an in-depth journey through the Chakra System, as we look beyond the Physical Body into the Subtle Body. Our Subtle Body often holds deeply buried experiences and or beliefs that may often be the source behind the symptoms of physical pain, as well as, mental and spiritual imbalances. Asana, Meditation and Effective Journaling techniques will be offered to enhance the healing benefit of your yoga practice both on and off the mat.

This two day, 12 hour Retreat will be held:

Day I (Journey Through “Life/Physical Stuff/Asana”-Chakra 1-4)

Day II (Journey Through “Ethereal/Mental Stuff/Meditation”- Chakra 5-7)


The Five Kleshas “Causes of Suffering”:
An Opportunity to Awaken, Empower, & Change 5 Kleshas

Date: February 17th-18th, 2018
Open to ALL, 12 CEUs available for Teachers

Merging Patanjali’s Sutra 2.3 (The Five Kleshas) and Neuroscience, this workshop is specifically centered around Contemplative Neuroscience which suggests that tapping into the limbic (feeling) part of the brain and making a habit of meditation can strengthen brain circuits responsible for maintaining concentration, thereby creating a life more in harmony with the authentic self.  In addition to breath work, meditation tools, and journaling, we will explore The Five Kleshas, bringing to light faulty beliefs and working towards re-wiring the brain for greater awareness, empowerment, and the opportunity for desired change.


 Private Classes

First “Getting to Know You” Session (Required for all first time clients): 90 Minute $150

Single 60 Minute Session: $125 and $20 for each additional person.

Private & Semi Private Yoga Sessions

Single Class: 60 Minute Session: $125 and additional $20 if adding up to 2 additional people.
90 Minute Session: $150 and additional $20 if adding up to 2 more people.
120 Minute Session: $190 and additional $20 if adding up to 2 more people.
*Often the longer sessions are used as combo sessions with Reiki and/or mini-Life Coaching session.











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