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I felt it on my heart to thank you. You helped open my eyes to peace. Even though I was a patient, you treated me like a friend and I am so grateful. You gave me a real gift and made a difference in my life, by simply doing what you love to do and sharing it with others and with me. Thank you for your open heart and kindness. ~Ashley Beck

I met you at your yoga studio at the absolute lowest point of my life. You taught me to accept good and bad, to accept balance. You have the knowledge and skill, AND you pass it on to others. You are good enough, strong enough, and gosh darn it, peoples like you. ~Matt

DeAnna has the ability to be both a mentor and teacher while making sure the human element is never absent from her lessons.  There is never a quest for perfection, an esoteric intangibility, or aloof new age ambiguity.  You are present in her presence during her lessons whether they be asana, Ayurveda, or her Breathe Into Awareness classes.  All the while you are becoming more than you  ever were before, with a grip on reality not really available in most spiritual programs.  I can honestly say that I don’t even know the “old me” and the tools she has helped me to learn keep me growing at an exponential rate.  Namaste~ Vanessa

They say when the student is ready the teacher appears. I met DeAnna during my teacher training, and she immediately became a source of inspiration for me. I looked forward to her session every week as I left feeling empowered and feeling at peace with being ME. So when I learned she offered individual Reiki sessions I signed up. After just one session with her my energy blockages were removed, I left feeling recharged but most importantly with a certainty of knowing what I needed to do in my life to keep the “good feeling” going. DeAnna made me feel very comfortable during the session, her intuition is amazing, allowing her to work on the right things for that specific moment. And the best thing about her is that she goes above and beyond her duty, she gave me techniques to use every day to support my needs.

It is amazing how when the energy flows correctly the life that is for you starts to unfold and I wanted to understand more! So not long after that we had an vedic astrology session. Again DeAnna’s approach to something so intimate for each person puts you at peace knowing she holds herself to the  highest ethical principles making you feel at home when talking about something as important as your life path as it has been written in the stars. The information she provides is an invaluable tool to navigate this beautiful journey a must for everyone in the path of self-discovery and self-realization!

My deepest gratitude to you DeAnna for your treatments! Much love,


I’ve been a client of DeAnna for years in various capacities, and have been consistently impressed with her mix of creativity, compassion, and intelligence. As a yoga instructor, she was a key figure in my efforts to halt the progression of diabetes in my body. As I’ve learned to teach others what I’ve been taught, her voice and teachings often play in my head. As a reiki practitioner myself, I’m choosy about who I let work on me. DeAnna is among those I trust most, both as a client and a student. She’s also been there for me me in a coaching capacity, where her straightforward mix of honesty and compassion helped illuminate blind spots and move forward on my transition path from fear-base to passion-based thinking and living. She’s has my utmost trust, respect, and confidence. ~Kent

DeAnna, I’ve never met you which makes writing a review of all that you teach somewhat awkward. You have an empathetic spirit and I share this with you. I can attest to this—Your posts always uplift and inspire others. Thanks for doing that! You’re an amazing example to so many, including myself. You’re an amazing inspiration. how else would someone who has never meet be able to and want to support your tribe. Please never change who you are. You inspire me. I love how real you are and how you stay true to yourself. You have no idea how many people are rooting for you! Thank you. Thank you for sharing a part of you and being so raw. Thank you for connecting, reaching out and inspiring. Thank you for letting me know that I am not the only one who made mistakes, failed more times than succeeded. You have inspired me to think bigger. ~Stephen

“Oh DeAnna. What would I do without DeAnna. No seriously. I met DeAnna as a beginner yoga student entering teacher training. I had no prior experience to doing yoga besides a few free kundalini classes I took up on the weekends. However I was EAGER to learn and FULL of questions. LOTS OF QUESTIONS. I was struggling with my identity, I was broke, over weight, and just lost in life. I didn’t feel like a “normal” 24 yr old. I took up yoga for answers but I didn’t expect that all of these challenges would lead me into my greatest self.  DeAnna was there to help every step of the way. I’d like to say I was going through a “spiritual awakening” at the time and was experiencing an INFLUX of overwhelming emotions. I was crying on the daily for no apparent reason but DeAnna understood it like it was no big deal. This made me feel safe at a time when I was especially vulnerable. It felt like this emotional death was knocking at my door and I just didn’t understand what was going on. DeAnna was able to pinpoint exactly what was going on with technical terms through the study of Yoga and Ayurveda. I was really impressed with her understanding of the subtle body. How the mind and body correlate with our emotions. I was blown away that somebody could actually put a name or term on what I was experiencing and that it was actually normal. Go figure! Our conversations would typically consists of me asking “DeAnna why do I feel this way or why am I still holding onto this I don’t understand.” No matter what the question was it’s like she had been there before and helped guide me with a series of questions. I like that she never imposed her own opinion, she simply asked questions and led me to my own answer. I can’t explain how this entire training has changed my life. Like I said I was a BEGINNER student and was at a point in my life where I just didn’t know where to turn and DeAnna was that safe place every Tuesday at castle hills. I finally felt like maybe I wasn’t crazy after all. I finally had ANSWERS! Long story short, it’s been 2 months since teacher training has ended. I’m now getting ready for body building competition, my singing career is on track, my business is booming, and I’m finally getting down a daily yoga routine at home! Everything is lining up and I’m happy to say that DeAnna played a pivotal role in the development of this “super being.” She was the hand that helped guide me through the storm before this all manifested. Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for all of your help! XO- Cassandra Irizarry Owner/ Creator of Protein Stud Muffins Vocalist NPC Bikini Competitor

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5 Causes of Happiness/ The Five Klesha’s

I took DeAnna’s “Five Causes of Happiness” workshop and for six weeks, I had the pleasure of learning from her. She took big yoga concepts and broke them down in ways I could understand and relate to everyday life, and in ways that have stayed with me even after the workshop was completed.  DeAnna is not only a great source of knowledge and inspiration, but also has a wonderful personality. She constantly made me laugh and her warm and inviting nature made somebody as shy as me feel comfortable sharing things about myself with strangers. She offers the resources and encouragement to grow as a person—but also reminds us that it is ultimately us who must constantly do the work of improving ourselves and creating our own happiness. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to work with her! ~Christina L

I attended two of DeAnna’s courses, and will attend another if I have the chance.  Both courses were instrumental in helping me deal with difficult situations I was experiencing at that time in my life.  The lessons I learned in these courses have shaped the way that I move through my day by providing me with tools that I continue to use on a daily basis.  DeAnna is a very skilled and well trained teacher who was able to communicate and customize the lessons in a way that resonated with all members of our group no matter the differences in personal background or experiences. I would recommend any course DeAnna is teaching! ~Allison F.

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DeAnna can light a fire under your feet and help coach you on your personal journey through life.  I spent three months with DeAnna exploring various aspects of my balance wheel.  She is encouraging, caring, authentic, and knowledgeable.  She assisted me in recognizing the issues that were keeping me back by holding me accountable. She guided me in finding my life’s passion by asking the right questions. As an introvert, she gave me the tools I needed to help deal with the anxiety I had when networking and talking in front of people.
Finally, DeAnna helped me uncover the confidence to succeed that I had buried inside my mind so many years ago.  This confidence has already led me to lose twenty pounds, start making a career change, explore opening my own business, and have a deeper relationship with my wife. My life coaching experience with DeAnna has left me open and ready to
face any challenge or opportunity life throws my way. ~Laura

I’ve had a few different coaches over the years, both personal and professional, and my experience with DeAnna has been outstanding. I’m very coachable, but I’m not a follower or devotee. I need a coach that will give me the perspective from outside of my own – the one that I cannot see – and then challenge me on my thinking and viewpoints. This is exactly what DeAnna has done for me. She has also helped to keep me accountable to my own goals and direction, with appropriately sparse suggestions or recommendations when there were things I wasn’t aware of. The best coaches, though, act mostly as a reflecting pond, showing back to you what you already knew somewhere inside, but perhaps hadn’t quite assembled in an accessible way, or seen how to translate the idea into action. And that’s where DeAnna has been really helpful in my personal and professional life. ~Kent

I worked with DeAnna  for about 4 months during the fall of 2014 during her training for Life Coaching. We spoke on the phone every Monday during this time and communicated via email as I updated her on how things were going with what she had coached me on. DeAnna spoke to me with compassion every week as we sorted through various issues of my life. One week it might be finances, and the next it might be communicating with husband. She was able to help me figure out for myself some solutions and actions to take by asking me a lot of questions and challenging me to complete tasks, such as writing out a budget or a food plan for the week. Her approach is very loving and practical. I left every conversation feeling inspired, challenged, relieved, hopeful, and confident that I could reach the goals that were important to me. I was not able to work with DeAnna for as long as I would have liked to because I have a baby coming soon and this is taking up most of my energy. I know that I can always call DeAnna if I ever need coaching in the future and that I will be met with the same consideration and professionalism that she has shown me in the past. I would recommend Life Coaching and DeAnna  to anyone that wants to start reaching their personal and professional goals. ~Shandhi

I am taking a big step this week, and it is thanks to our coaching sessions.  For the first time ever in my 44-5/8 years, I am at a function completely by myself for 4 days.  I do not know a soul.  I am having to talk to people.  Granted it is only day 1, but so far so good.  No anxiety, full of confidence, and I look pretty damn good if I say so myself (business drag).  Thanks for helping me get to this point. ~Laura

I first met DeAnna as a yoga instructor and immediately noticed she was very gentle, kind and supportive. Many years later, going through a difficult time, her name immediately popped into my head. I needed help with some emotional muck and she was the light in a dark time that I needed. She introduced me to Reiki, which helped me feel better immediately, but then we began to discuss long term solutions. She educated me on Neuroscience and offered the program to me if I was interested and was willing to do the rigorous work it would take to change old wiring. Through the entire process, DeAnna has been consistently kind, gentle, supportive and most importantly nonjudgmental. DeAnna’s demeanor put me at ease from day one and she has always been responsive to my incessant questions. She is someone who is easy to trust and holds confidentiality in the highest regard when coaching. She is a great cheerleader and someone who is an asset as a coach-genuine, sincere and wants people to succeed. She is easily someone people can relate to and always has a smile for you when you cannot muster your own. Every experience with DeAnna has been very nurturing and supportive; while the neuroscience is not easy, she makes it a positive experience and I have enjoyed working with her immensely.~ Reem

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 Yoga & Teacher Training

DeAnna cares, knows how to teach, and knows her stuff.  I say “cares” first because her caring nature and devotion to her students (us!) truly sets her apart.  Someone of her caliber has had many students and will have many more.  But you will never feel like a cog in the machine.  DeAnna really knows how to teach.  She explores many, many modalities.  She will have you listening, moving, coloring, journaling, researching, thinking, loving, learning, and feeling.  And she knows her stuff.  She has “been there, done that,” with the postures and explores how to get all bodies their best benefit from the art and practice of yoga and Reiki. She will teach you how to protect yourself and your students and work toward the postures that your body is ready for.  ~Rebecca

DeAnna was an amazing instructor and leader of the beginner series that was my first introduction to yoga. I signed up for the series thinking it would be a good additional exercise to complement running, but DeAnna’s approach was so much more! She provided important perspectives about respecting my body (its abilities and limitations) and about seeking balance in my life. I’m so grateful for her introduction to yoga! ~Alana

 DeAnna became part of my life when I signed up for advanced practitioner training and she continued to be an inspiration through my 200 hour teacher training classes.  Her energy based teachings around the mind, body and spirit were very impactful.  Her level of knowledge is impressive and I highly recommend DeAnna to anyone interested in learning about all aspects of yoga. ~Diana

DeAnna’s yoga teaching style connects with me in an honest and raw way. She made me understand that yoga is life from the first class I took. I love her use of the lotus metaphor and visualization, which has inspired me to deepen my own practice. ~Eva

The first time I was introduced to Yoga was after I had injured my back at work. A co-worker and I called up, and DeAnna answered. We asked a few questions about Yoga, and was surprised to find out that Yoga was not about flexibility but building your core with flexibility being a nice side benefit. DeAnna had built a wonderful group of teachers, who for a first timer was helpful. I have heard of other people’s experiences whose first few Yoga classes went so wrong they gave up on Yoga all together, this was not the case as someone new to Yoga. During a typical class, DeAnna often asks her students, what they need help on or would like to work on. She has the confidence and knowledge to quickly adapt her pre-planned Yoga class to fit the students’ needs while keeping with the original theme. I have found over the course of the last few years that other teachers are more rigid and teach in a very consistent unwavering matter. DeAnna has a knack for the ability to “read” the class. She can tell when the students are ready to move on to something a bit more challenging, rather this is in a Asana, or breathing exercise or even Mantra. If you ever attend a class of her’s you will soon learn her motto is “No Pain, No Pain”. She reflects this in how she teaches and offers alternatives to poses that your body may not be able to do rather this is due to injuries or your body just is not able to get into that position.  After all this is a relationship with not only your body, your spirit, and the other people in the class room but with your teacher. ~Eric

 DeAnna has been an incredibly patient and supportive teacher. She has supported me in spite of multiple challenges and has been willing to work with me to allow me to finish my teacher training no matter how long it takes. She has a warm, compassionate, authentic teaching style and is able to balance the ethereal with the practical in a way that makes the material accessible. I would highly recommend her services.~Laura

The wealth of information I gained from taking the Breathe into Awareness teacher training over exceeded my expectations. Now two years later I’m living in Singapore teaching yoga and I continue to revert back to the material I was given and use it as a resource for putting yoga classes together, but what I value most from taking the teacher training is getting to the know the teachers themselves. What I remember about DeAnna was that I immediately felt as if I could trust her and that has proven to be true. She did not play favorites, she treated everyone equality and without her permission her heart opens towards all whom she meets and this shines through all she does. ~Carol

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 My session with DeAnna was enlightening and empowering. I left with a greater sense of peace and understanding of myself and even those around me. ~Leah

 To anyone that wants to take control of multiple aspects of their choices versus consequences in those decisions, HERE is a great way to get a foothold on that POWER!

Ms DeAnna Shires, is a gifted teacher with great perceptive qualities which are put to excellent use through her study of VEDIC ASTROLOGY.

For many years I have tried to live in the shadow of whom I thought I was supposed to be based on feedback from friends and family. I never felt like the equation was balanced and ALWAYS felt like this was someone else’s scripting. It went beyond not totally understanding myself. I did not feel “understood” and was even told that I was probably “misunderstood”.  Through DeAnna’s wonderful insights based on her vast knowledge and tools of the Vedic Astrology chart (the oldest and most accurate charting), she has revealed to me why I never felt settled with “who I was supposed to be”. Vedic charts unlike zodiac charts are based on star placement and the changes that occur over time in those proximities versus seasonal changes pertinent to our locality-much more accurate with the former.

Now I know why I feel bold when I should feel reclusive. I understand why I drive so hard to accomplish instead of recline into a comfortable home! It is a fantastic beginning to a journey that I can look forward to completing with her guidance to avoid pitfalls due to ignorance. THANK YOU SO MUCH DEANNA!!! ~Robbie

 I have had the privilege of not only taking DeAnna’s yoga classes, but also going through her training to become a yoga teacher , and having her personally prepare my astrology chart. She is an amazing person, if she is teaching a class or doing a life chart or now as a life coach she has many gifts to offer. She is kind ,caring and very knowledgeable, with a heart of gold. She has a gift for making you grow and expand in many areas of your life. She is a definite blessing and I was and still am honored when I get to work with her . ~Kathy

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I went into my reiki session with an open heart and open mind not sure what I would leave with.  DeAnna is all heart, deeply intuitive and knows her stuff, so I was confident that if nothing else, I would have a pleasant hour with an enlightened person. I came out of the session with a paradigm shift that has since radically empowered my day to day life.  What a wonderful blessing! I’m looking forward to another session. ~Chika

I experienced my first reiki with DeAnna. I didn’t have any expectation when I went in because I wanted to experience it fully.  She made me feel so comfortable during the session. She explained what she would do and what the tools meant. I felt I was in very good hands. Previously I was told by two separate Chiropractors that my energy, Chi, is low. After about 10 minutes, DeAnna sensed the same low energy in my body. She then went to work and did the energy movement on me. It was an incredible experience. At certain area, I could feel the heat travel into my body. I felt amazing after the session. She did the Pendulum test on my Chakras after wards and the difference in the energy movement in my body were tremendous compared to when she started.  She guided me to an answer and solution to an issue that I knew I have but nobody else could give me. My gratitude to DeAnna. ~Janny

DeAnna is my teacher, my friend, my Reiki Master, and my guide through this crazy world.  I received my 200 RYT training from DeAnna through her Breathe Into Awareness program, I’m currently going through her yoga for emotional healing training, and plan on taking my 500 RYT training with her..  I received my Reiki Levels I and II from DeAnna in 2013/2014. As a fellow empath and highly sensitive person she has guided me and helped me learn how to protect myself while still being able to be open and giving to family, friends, co-workers, students and Reiki clients.  Thanks to DeAnna’s encouragement I have started writing about my experiences as a bipolar yogi, it is very rewarding and therapeutic.  With DeAnna’s training and support I hope to help others who live with mental illness like myself.  DeAnna has always been there for me even after I graduated my 200 RYT always eager and happy to answer questions and lend support,  I’m so blessed to be learning from her again she is an amazing teacher and person.

 With Divine Love and Light
~Jen, 200 RYT

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